Global Messengers

Michael Plappert - Global Messenger

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Global Messengers are Special Olympics athletes who help spread the message and vision of the movement as well as the benefits they have gained by participating in Special Olympics.

As leaders and message bearers of the movement, Global Messengers communicate the powerful declarations of hope, acceptance, dignity and courage of Special Olympics athletes around the world.

Only athletes can effectively relate the impact that the movement has had on their lives and the lives of their families.

Global Messengers have proven to be the movement's most effective spokespersons. Through their appearances in the media and in speeches to civic and business groups, school and church groups, the Global Messengers carry forth the themes that are most important to athletes in Special Olympics around the world.

To inquire or to arrange for a Global Messenger to speak, please contact Special Olympics York County, 717-846-1881 or toll free 1-866-377-SOYC (7692).

Athletic Leadership Teams (ALT) are the cornerstone of the Special Olympics movement. An ALT allows the athletes to choose HOW and in what ROLE they participate in Special Olympics. Athletes are encouraged to take meaningful positions of influence and leadership throughout the organization to help determine policy and set direction.

The Athlete Leadership Program Mission statement: To empower athletes to develop leadership skills and utilize their voices to assume meaningful leadership roles, influence change in the Special Olympics movement and educate communities around the world that results in positive life changes.

"The Athlete Leadership Program transfers you from someone receiving services to someone providing services."