2015 Fall Sports Area M Volleyball Tournament
We Are Very Proud Of Our Athletes!

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The Special Olympics York County White Roses volleyball teams participated in the 2015 Fall Sports Area M Special Olympics Volleyball Tournament on September 20 at Hershey High School and Hershey Middle School.

The following Special Olympics York County athletes competed in the tournament:

Matt Billings, Landon Roenig, Tony Piermatteo, Owen Hess, Levi Hess, Gary Gaver, Jasmine Boring, Dan Schultheiss, Robert Aulen, Victoria Seitz, Teresa Albers, Trish Ellis, Delcie Boyd, Joel Stein, Steve Busler, Jay Messinger and William Markline.

One of the teams from York County won the silver medal. Silver medal team members were: Joel Stein, Trish Ellis, Victoria Seitz, Jasmine Boring , Teresa Albers, Dan Schultheiss, and Jay Messinger.

The second team from York County won the bronze medal. Bronze medal team members were: Tony Piermatteo, Matt Billings, Owen Hess, Levi Hess, Gary Gaver, Delcie Boyd and William Markline.

Congratulations to our volleyball athletes! Bravo!!!

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